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Title: Natural Born Killer
Author: glasheen25
Characters/Pairings: Veronica/Logan, Mac, Wallace, Keith
Word Count: 2648
Rating: R for language and violence
Spoilers: none
Summary: Estranged from Logan, Veronica is working a particularly violent series of murders for the FBI. Post-series three.

“I’m going to fucking kill you.” Brian’s voice came menacingly through the door as he started to bang something heavy against the thick wood. “You will be wishing you were dead before I’m through with you, Mars.” he hissed and Veronica didn’t doubt the intent behind his words.

He lunged at the door again but the heavy furniture kept the door intact. For now, Veronica reminded herself fearfully, hearing the wood starting to splinter as Brian yet again threw the full force of his body weight against the door.

“Let me in, Veronica and I promise you will be rewarded by a short and sweet death.” he murmured temptingly, before kicking viscously at the door, “A single gun shot to the head. You won’t even feel it.” Brian promised, as though what he was proposing was perfectly reasonable.

“Fuck you.” Veronica shouted in response, eyeing a heavy lamp standing by the bed. The lamp was hideously ugly, the base of it fashioned out of a pale green glass and painted with gaudy brightly colored flowers.

Unplugging the lamp from the wall, Veronica picked it up before smashing it against the wall. The resulting smash had Brian kicking even more furiously at the door, his voice spewing venom and promising Veronica a most unpleasant death if she didn’t stop whatever the hell she was doing.

“I am going to win, you know, Veronica.” Brian continued but Veronica ignored him, the long jagged piece of glass now gripped firmly in her hand as viable a weapon as the gun, she was certain was in Brian Matthew’s possession. “I’m going to get into that room and when I do, you’ll be sorry you ever chose a career in the FBI. The things I’m going to do to you. It will take them weeks, just to identify your body.”

“Just you try, asshole,” Veronica spat back through clenched teeth, the sharp sliver of glass in her hand giving her renewed confidence that just maybe she could get out of this in one piece.

Brian started to make some sort of heated response when he suddenly stopped, his threats hanging in midair.

“What the hell?” he demanded and it was then Veronica heard it, the muffled thumps that were coming from outside the apartment itself.

Her ear pressed carefully against the door, Veronica tried her best to establish exactly what the sound was. The police? she wondered idly, before realizing in dismay that they would have already forced their way into her apartment if they had even an inkling of suspicion that something was wrong. Burke would still be in the meeting with Agent Carr. Veronica’s thoughts ventured briefly to her father before she remembered the worried tone that had been in Logan’s voice the night before when she had been speaking to him on the phone.

It was Logan, she suddenly knew and Veronica’s stomach clenched in horror as she tried not to imagine what Brian would do to her boyfriend if he got his hands on him.

Get the fuck out of here, Logan, she wanted to scream but her voice failed her. The sudden terrifying knowledge that Brian could actually kill Logan was infinitely more terrifying than any previous thoughts she had had about her impending fate.


The scarred painted door of Veronica’s apartment was infuriatingly thick and no matter how hard Logan lunged and kicked at the wood, the door wouldn’t budge.

Cursing under his breath, Logan took another running jump at the door, his efforts rewarded by a painful throb in his ankle which ended up smashing off the heavy doorframe in the process.

Ignoring the pain, Logan forced himself to take a breath for a minute before throwing his fists against the door until they were bruised and bloody.

This wasn’t good. There was someone inside, Logan knew. Someone who meant Veronica harm.

“I’m going to kick this door down if I have to.” Logan threatened, his face ablaze with anger as he continued hammering the door. “And if you have done so much as touch one hair on my girlfriend’s head, I’m going to fucking kill you. Is that understood?” he roared, aiming one particularly viscous kick at the door for good measure.

Where the hell are the police?” Logan wondered desperately, the minutes since he had rung the police dragging interminably long.

Raking his hands in frustration through his hair, Logan suddenly remembered the renovations that were taken place in an apartment two floors down. Veronica had complained about the noise more than once, the construction workers seeing nothing wrong with starting to drill at five in the morning, when most people were snuggled up in bed for at least another two hours of sleep.

Racing down the flight of concrete stairs, Logan balled his fists up in frustration when he saw that the door to apartment 34A was shut, the construction workers apparently on a rare day off.

“What the fuck am I going to do now?” he cursed, not caring who heard him, when he saw a few rusty lengths of old copper piping propped in the corner against the crude concrete wall.

Grabbing one of them, he maneuvered it carefully up the narrow flight of stairs, his impatience growing by the second.

Logan could only hope he was not too late.


Cornered in her tiny bedroom, Veronica was starting to feel more panicked by the second. Brian’s violent lunges at the door seemed to be finally succeeding at breaking through her improvised fortress. The hinges were creaking dangerously and every kick filled Veronica with fear that this time Brian would finally come crashing through, her gun poised evilly in his hand.

“You’re just drawing out the inevitable, Veronica.” Brian tutted knowingly, aiming a particularly brutal kick at the door.

Seeing the door starting to come away from the hinges, Veronica felt sick. Brian was seconds away.

Her grip tightening on the jagged piece of glass, Veronica slipped inside the wardrobe, determined not to go down without a fight. Her plan would at least give her the element of surprise and Veronica needed all the help she could get.

Hearing a tremendous cracking of wood and the muffled sound of Brian cursing under his breath, Veronica froze in the darkness, waiting for her chance.

“Come out, Veronica, where ever you are.” Brian murmured delightedly and Veronica could hear the soft patter of footsteps as he made his way around the room searching for her.

“I’m going to find you.” he prattled on and through the narrow crack in the door, Veronica could see him crouched on the floor peering under her bed.

This was her chance. She wasn’t going to get another one.

Silently pushing the door of the wardrobe carefully open, Veronica held her breath anxiously, hoping the creaking of the hinges wouldn’t betray her. Jumping out the wardrobe, Veronica plunged the piece of glass into Brian’s neck, spluttering in horror as blood spewed into the air splattering a violent spray of red onto the ceiling and walls.

Brian didn’t even get a chance to react, his eyes bulging in shock, he fell back against the heavy bed frame, his head making a horrific cracking sound as it smacked against the wood.


Reaching Veronica’s apartment, Logan aimed his makeshift battering ram at the door, stepping back before breaking into a run. The impact made a furious clang but the door remained infuriatingly steadfast.

Not even drawing a breath, Logan returned immediately to his starting position and charged at the door.

The hinged creaked in protest and seeing his efforts were paying off, Logan ran at the door with renewed determination, which finally gave way under the enormous pressure.

“Veronica, where the hell are you?” Logan called out, not considering his own safety for a second as he raced into the apartment.

The apartment was a mess, the few pieces of furniture Veronica possessed turned over and the contents of the cutlery drawer scattered all over the kitchen floor. Picking his way over the pieces of broken glass, Logan ventured further along the narrow hallway.

“Veronica.” he called out uncertainly, his pace quickening as his desperation increased.

The bedroom door sagging on it’s hinges filled Logan with renewed terror as he clamored over the pieces of furniture that blocked the way into the darkened room.

The room was a scene of chaos, red splattered wildly all over the walls and the carpet squelched underneath his feet.

“Veronica, where are you?” he demanded, his fears giving way to overwhelming relief seeing Veronica crouched over a blood drenched body.

“Thank God, you’re okay,” he murmured, taking Veronica into his arms and holding her close.

The pair were still clinging together, when the police swarmed into the apartment, requesting back-up over the crackle of their radios.

It was finally over.


Blood matted in her hair and streaked across her skin, Veronica didn’t protest when Logan suggested she go back to his apartment for a shower and some much needed sleep. She was exhausted, the strain of the previous hours and the tirade from questioning from both the FBI and the LAPD starting to take their toll.

“You guys need me for anything else?” Veronica asked Burke as she smothered a yawn in the back of her hand. “It’s just, I really need to catch up on some sleep and a shower.” she sighed, gesturing in disgust at the crimson red marks that were daubed across the front of her white shirt.

“We’ll probably need to ask you some more questions, Veronica,” Burke informed her with an apologetic expression on his face. “But that can wait until you’ve at least had a night’s sleep. I still can’t believe you knew this guy.”

“I thought I did,” Veronica replied, feeling sick at the thought of having to relay this shocking information to Mac. Bad enough that her fiancee was dead but the knowledge that Brian Matthews had butchered so many people was simply unthinkable. Brian’s family hadn’t been made privy to the information of their son’s death yet and Veronica had already requested that she be allowed inform Mac of Brian’s death. At least the news wouldn’t come from some nameless, faceless stranger. Not that that would make the situation any easier to bear.

“Look go home and try to get some sleep.” Burke informed her with an uncharacteristic kindly expression on his face as he started to shepherd her to the door. “I’ll sort out things here and deal with Marilyn. You look like you could do with a few days off anyway, Mars.”

A pain starting to throb again behind her eyes, Veronica could only agree. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so completely exhausted. Maybe a trip to the doctor might be in order.

“Talk to you tomorrow,” Veronica informed Burke with a weak nod, before she tossed a few items of clothing and toiletries into a bag and walked over wearily to where Logan was waiting for her.

“Ready to go?” Logan asked her softly and Veronica smiled in response. Allowing him to rest an arm warmly around her shoulder, she walked gratefully out the door of the apartment, swearing she would never return again.


Stepping under the comforting warmth of the shower, Veronica sighed in pleasure as the hot water seeped into her skin. Squeezing some shampoo into her hand, Veronica worked into her blonde hair, shuddering in horror as a tirade of red ran down the drain.

His blood, she realized, scrubbing with renewed vigor until her skin was red raw and the water running down the drain was clear again.

Shutting off the water, Veronica wrapped herself in a luxuriously fluffy bath sheet before quickly toweling her hair dry.

Peeking his head around the door, Logan fixed Veronica with a searching gaze as he watched her slather moisturizer into her shower dampened skin. “How are you holding up?” he murmured, concern on his face as he passed her a pair of her favorite soft cotton pajamas that she had hastily thrown into her bag.

“Okay, I guess.” Veronica replied thoughtfully, not missing the way Logan’s eyes strayed towards her bare chest as she pulled the string top of the pajamas over her head. “I’m absolutely dreading telling Mac the news, though. I haven’t the faintest idea what I’m going to say to her.”

Pulling Veronica into his arms, Logan held her close. “You’ll get through it,” he reassured her, smoothing a hand gently over her damp lengths of hair. “If anyone can do this, you can.”

“I suppose.” Veronica sighed uncertainly, wandering into Logan’s bedroom and crawling gratefully beneath the crisp white linen.

Reveling in the warmth of Logan’s arms wrapped securely around her, Veronica fell into a deep, uneasy sleep.


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Apr. 4th, 2011 09:33 pm (UTC)
I'm totally loving that you let Veronica save herself.
Apr. 4th, 2011 09:35 pm (UTC)
If anyone could save herself Veronica can:) She doesn't need a man to come to her rescue:)

Thanks for reading ♥
Apr. 5th, 2011 02:32 am (UTC)
I haven't commented on this fic before, I think, but I've read it all and the tension you built was pretty killer. I'm actually glad that the stand-off with Brian did not go on too long. I'm with Veronica dreading Mac's reaction, though. Good grief. Two murderers is more than enough for one girl in a dating life. So much ouch.
Apr. 5th, 2011 06:34 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for your kind words:) I'm really glad you enjoyed the fic so far:)
And poor Mac:( She's had it so hard:(
Apr. 5th, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
You really got me with the suspense in this chapter. I was on pins and needles while reading this. That's my tough girl. Veronica is so bad ass! Love Logan knowing something is wrong and coming to help his girl. Poor Mac having to find out your fiance is a serial killer!
Apr. 6th, 2011 07:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for reading:) I'm glad you're enjoying the fic:)
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